Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

Victoria Memorial, Kolkata

From planetariums and massive stadiumsd, to an entire fort and a breathtaking cathedral, Kolkata’s lush Maidan area holds many interesting sights. The most magnificent of them all is easily the white marble memorial that bears testament to the influence of the British era on the city of Kolkata. Originally dedicated to Queen Victoria, the Victoria Memorial is now much more – a museum, an icon of architecture, and an unforgettable landmark in your journey through the city.

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The Victoria Memorial was built early in the 20th century by Lord Curzon, the Viceroy of India, in memory of Queen Victoria after her death. Standing in the embrace of beautiful gardens, the memorial houses a library and a museum that is home to many priceless artefacts, paintings and rare documents. Many urban legends also surround the iconic ‘Angel of Victory’ at the tip of the memorial’s spire, including a fairy tale where the angel is said to fly away.  

How to get there?

One can easily reach the Victoria Memorial from anywhere in the city using the affordable public transport systems in Kolkata. Many local buses and taxis will take you till the edge of Maidan, from where you must continue on foot. The metro is another option — it has a station at Maidan, and just a short walk from there will take you to the memorial.

Being a major Indian city, Kolkata is well connected to the rest of the country by air, rail and road. There are also many regular international routes, connecting the city directly with the rest of the world.

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The Maidan itself is vast, with many incredible sites worth visiting. One of the most prominent among these is Eden Gardens, the second largest cricket stadium in the world. HopOn India offers a comprehensive audio tour underlining Kolkata’s love for sports that will take you through the Maidan and other important sites. Among these places near the Maidan are Fort Williams – which you can’t enter as it is the headquarters of the Indian Army’s Eastern Command, St. Paul’s Cathedral, known for its superb Gothic architecture and the Birla Planetarium. 

You Shouldn’t Miss…

The city of Kolkata is rich in heritage and culture, from its diverse street food to its potpourri of architectural styles. One place that cannot be missed is Park Street where the night-life of Kolkata thrives, thanks to the numerous bars and cafes that line the street. Close by is the Park Street Cemetery, an eerie graveyard featuring tombstones from the 18th century. A short walk away across Jawaharlal Nehru Road, once known as Chowringhee, is the Indian Museum which houses some of the rarest collections in the country. And you mustn’t miss the street food of Kolkata, especially the phuchka that is sold near the Maidan. Try only if you have a strong constitution.

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