Park Street Cemetery, Delhi

Park Street Cemetery, Delhi

An unearthly eeriness shrouds the thousands of moss layered mausoleums of Kolkata’s Park Street Cemetery – a vast necropolis that inspires thoughts both sombre and poetic. Hidden away in the most happening part of Kolkata, the mysterious, city-like cemetery attracts hundreds of visitors. Some distinguished people rest here among the determined creepers that climb the countless tombs clustered in foliage-shaded recesses. Walk the narrow paths for a haunting experience that is sure to leave your spine tingling.

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The 18th century Christian cemetery is one of the largest outside Europe and America and features some architecturally exquisite stone tombs. A remnant of the British Rule in India, a majority of the tombs are of notable British generals and dignitaries. Others buried here include Henry Vivian Derozio, torchbearer of a movement of free thinkers in the early 19th century, Charles Dicken’s son Sir William Jones who founded the Asiatic Society and poet Michael Madhusudan Dutta. The cemetery has been the subject of numerous ghostly tales, including a story by renowned writer and filmmaker Satyajit Ray.

How to get there?

Known for its extremely affordable public transport, you can easily get around Kolkata and visit Park Street by hailing a cab or auto rickshaw. You can also take a Metro to the Park Street station from where a short walk should get you to the cemetery gates.

Since Kolkata is one of India’s metropolitan cities, flights, trains and buses connect it to most parts of India.

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose airport in Kolkata connects it to almost all parts of the country, with many international flights as well. A cab from the airport would take a few hours to reach the interiors of the city.

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Park Street itself is a popular destination with its numerous restaurants and bars. It comes to life in the evening, and is perfect to uplift your spirits after a visit to the cemetery. Also worth a visit is Dalhousie Square, with many beautiful buildings including the town hall, which houses a reference library, home to some extremely rare books. HopOn India offers a walk of this area. Nearby New Market, a 19th century Victorian-Gothic style building, houses hundreds of quaint stalls that attract avid shoppers. 

Places you shouldn’t miss…

One of India’s most culturally diverse cities, Kolkata has a lot to offer from famous sporting grounds to historical museums and libraries. The Victoria memorial is one such iconic destination – an architectural marvel that hosts a museum with many exhibits and galleries. It lies in the centre of Maidan, Kolkata’s largest urban park, which is also home to the famous cricket stadium Eden Gardens, Kolkata Race Course, and numerous football stadiums as well. HopOn’s Calcutta Sports Walk audio tour is a great way to get introduced to Kolkata’s intense love for sports of all kinds. 

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