National Museum North East Lifestyle Gallery

Duration: 01Hr 05Mins Distance: 1 km

Sling Bag
Decorated Lower Garment & Blouse
Pouch or Betel Nut Container
Waist Belt
Deer Mask
Bamboo Container
Neck Ornament
Plate with a Stand
Goichin Shom Hat
Storage Basket
Smoking Pipe
Phen Basket
Model of a Youth Dormitory
Log Drum
Horn Cup
Clay Pot
War Coat
Saphee-Laphee Shawl
A Konyak Couple
Longtem or Loincloth for Men
Headgear with Hornbill Feathers
Ceremonial Dao with a Case
Ear Ornament
Trophy Decoration
Figure of a Head-Taker
Warrior Shawl or Tsungkotepsu
Rice Beer Mug
Neck Decoration
The Nagas and Head-Hunting
National Museum North East Lifestyle Gallery 
The seven states in the North East of India, colloquially known as the seven sisters, have a wide variety of customs, lifestyles and traditions. The North-East Lifestyle gallery at the National Museum provides glimpses of life in this region through a collection of artefacts related to life cycles, economic pursuits and traditions. The display also highlights the composite culture of the region. The traditional apparels, jewellery, basketry, wood carvings and personal adornments of some of the groups mirror the life and culture of others. All artefacts in this gallery are part of the anthropological collection of the National Museum comprising about 9,000 objects. The collection was built over the years through purchases, gifts by various private donors and surveys conducted in tribal belts and rural areas. It was enriched by the acquisition of significant objects from the late Dr Verrier Elwin, an eminent British anthropologist who lived, worked and died in India.

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