National Museum Sculpture Galleries

Duration: 01Hr 10Mins Distance: 1 km

History of National Museum
Harappan Civilisation
Animal Faced Pregnant Female
Seated Male in Namaskar Posture
Climbing Monkey
Toy Cart
Weights & Measurements
Pasupati Seal
Dancing Girl
Maurya, Shunga & Satvahana Art Gallery
Yaksha Patravahaka
Mother Goddess
Elephant carrying relics
Bharut Stupa
Fragment of a Torana
Asita’s visit to Suddhodana
Worship of Buddha
Kussana and Ikshavaku Art Gallery
Standing Buddha
Buddha Life Scenes
Gupta Art gallery
Lakshmana Disfiguring Surpankha
Early Medieval Sculpture Collection
Yogini Vrishanana
Bronze Collection
Bronze Buddha
Standing Figure of Mother Goddess
National Museum Sculpture Galleries 
Welcome to the virtual tour of The Sculpture Gallery of the National Museum, New Delhi. The National Museum of New Delhi is an epitome of Indian identity and houses about 200,000 art objects of historical, cultural, and artistic significance that celebrate the idea of India. The objects represent about 5000 years of Indian history. This audio tour walks you through the Sculpture Gallery, supported by a gallery map, images, and videos. Before we get on with the tour here are a few tips on how to take the tour. This is a free tour that is available on the HopOn India App. To take the tour you will have to download and register on the HopOn India App and then look for the National Museum tour in the city of Delhi. The tour is designed like a point of interest tour with a map of the Museum. You need to select the number assigned to the artifact and the app will narrate the story behind it. We have covered around 30 artifacts on this tour.

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