Ellora Hindu Caves

Duration: 01Hr 52Mins Distance: 3 km

Just after entry Gate
Outside Kailash Cave 16
Cave 14
Cave 15 Base
Cave 15
Cave 16 – Outside Entrance of Kailash
Gajalakshmi Panel
River Goddess Complex
Next to Pillar and Elephant
Mahabharata Panel
Left wall/North corridor
Rear wall/East corridor
Right wall/South corridor
Ravana shaking Mount Kailash
Ramayana panel
Shiva passage
Central shrine
Painted Natraj on Window
Nandi Enclosure
Kailash Entrance
Cave 21
Ellora Hindu Caves 
Hop On India welcomes you on a detailed exploration of the Hindu cave temples at Ellora dating from the sixth to tenth century AD. Ellora is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of the largest rock-cut cave complexes in the world! We will be exploring the significant Hindu caves from numbers 13 to 29. Some of the caves are empty hollows or abandoned efforts and we won’t visit them. Even then, your tour will take a good part of two hours. We will walk you through the different architectural features of the caves, as well as familiarize you with the various Hindu gods and goddesses, and legends associated with them.

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The Ellora Caves


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17 places

Ellora Hindu Caves

3 km, 01 Hour 52 Minutes

21 places

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Ellora Caves Combined

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More walks coming soon

More walks coming soon

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