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HopOn India  App is like a tour guide you can carry in your pocket. We provide digitally powered immersive experiences of places around you, and we retain the personal touch with our own insights. Our tailor made walks are curated by experts who give you their take on history, culture, food and myth. Our tour guides talk about their lived experiences of the city, so that you can get an insider’s perspective on our colourful existence.The App is now live for the cities of Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi, Varanasi, Kolkata, Leh and Aurangabad. 



Our first destination is Mumbai - from the walk through colonial Mumbai and its art district, to the enchanting islands of Elephanta with the caves dedicated to Shiva, to the grounds where most of Indian cricketing history has been created, to the homes of the bollywood stars in Bandra, to the first planned suburb of the city, a cultural melting pot where the curious Parsee community resides, our tours cover them all. We also have an interesting car tour which allows you to cover the massive city of Mumbai from the comforts of your car. 



We began with Mumbai, and we have now covered Varanasi in all its shades and hues. Banaras, arguably the oldest city in the world transposes the visitor to an era that is long gone. The city celebrates life and death with equal gusto. Our walks for Banaras therefore celebrate its ghats, gullys, food, religion et al. Our first walk is through the serene Sarnath area where the Buddha had given his first sermon. As we narrate the story of the monuments you will walk on the very soil that the Buddha had travelled on.  On our ghats walk we cover almost forty ghats from Assi to Dashashwamedh, on the banks of the holy Ganga. You will get to know how Banaras has embraced the whole of India. Our Gullies to Ganges walk passes through the serpentine gullies of Banaras. On our App, you can listen to the melodious music of the flute on Balaji ghat, the very ghat where Bismillah Khan used to practice. A food walk that will tickle your gastronomical instincts is in the works too. 



Kolkata as a city of Palaces was not only the first capital of British India but is also the capital of Indian literature and Indian football. Our tours of Kolkata cover all these and more. Our walk through the Dalhousie area passes through the ‘Palaces’ that the British built. We pass through the dome shaped GPO building, which was earlier the British fort that Siraj-U-Daulla ransacked. The Pathuriaghata walk in North Kolkata passes through Jorasanko Thakurbari, where the great poet Rabindra Nath Tagore resided. We also look at some exquisite homes that the Tagore, Mullick and the Ghosh families occupied. The sports walk passes through the Maidans, the lungs of Kolkata. Come to know why Gavaskar took a vow to not play at the Eden Gardens again and how the price of fish in Bengal is linked to the outcome of a Mohun Bagan – East Bengal football game.



It is believed Delhi got its name from the Hindi word “Dhili” or loose. Legend has it that a Rajput ruler tried to uproot the 4th century built Iron Pillar at the Qutab Minar much against the consensus that it will bring misfortune. When the rule of the King floundered, citizens lamented that “Kili to dhili bhai” or the nail has been loosened. Listen to such nuggets on our Qutab Minar walk. Our Red Fort tour takes you on a journey through different eras in the history of India and in this story the main character is the Red Fort. We travel from Mughal India, to British India, to Independent India, and see how the fort adapted to each new power that gained control over it. Our tour of the majestic Humayun Tomb tells the story of the unlucky Emperor even as you enjoy the grandeur of India’s first Persian style tomb and garden beautifully restored by the Aga Khan Foundation. This even as you get a chance to seek the blessings of Hazrat Nizammudin Aulia, whose shrine is nearby and part of our tour. Our third tour is of Chandni Chowk. But this tour is for the gastronomes as we take you to the best vegetarian joints of the area. You will get to taste the Jalebis, the Khurchan, the bedmis et al. 



Jaipur was painted pink to welcome the Prince of Wales in 1876. This gesture reflects the generous welcome that the city offers to all visitors. From the royal City Palace, to the scientifically built Jantar Mantar, to the intriguing Hawa Mahal, our walk through the Pink City captures the grandness of royalty that this part of the country is known for. We also walk through the cacophonic but colourful bazaars of Jaipur. You will get to taste the authentic food of Rajasthan even as you bargain with the shopkeepers. At these shops, you can buy bandhej and hand block fabrics to apparels, the famous quilts of Jaipur, artefacts, jewellery and accessories, jootis to handbags, bangles made of lac, idols made of marble, the colourful wooden puppets called kathputli and a lot more. So as the folk song “Padharo Mare Desh” says - Welcome to our Land. 



The Main Bazaar is the bustling heart of the Leh town in Ladakh. Like a magnet, it draws townspeople and tourists through the day. This is where people socialize, shop, eat, stop to pray and watch life go by. Narrow lanes lead off the main streets into the old quarters with traditional houses that seem to belong to a different era. Our walk through the streets and lanes of Leh Bazaar introduces you to the past and present of the vibrant Ladakhi lifestyle and culture.



The city includes tours of the Ajanta caves and Daulatabad Fort, in addition to the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain caves of Ellora. The Ajanta caves audio guide walks you through the marvels of the Buddhist Caves built between the 2nd century BC and 7th century AD. It describes in detail the cave architecture and narrates ancient Buddhist fables painted on the walls. The Ellora caves are located 30 kilometers or 45 minutes from Aurangabad. Ellora is famous for a spectacular series of Hindu, Buddhist and Jain temples, monasteries and monuments carved from the rock of a cliff side. Ellora is one of the largest rock-cut cave complexes in the world and a UNESCO Heritage Site. This rocky hill face in the Western Ghats saw an incredible phase of architectural activity from the 5th to 11th century AD, and was the site of 12 Buddhist caves or monasteries and later, 17 Hindu temples and 5 Jain temples, numbering 34 in all.


All our experiences are App based and we are available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store. We have easy in-app payment options and our interfaces are easy to navigate.


The user is expected to download the App, buy the walks that the user is interested in and then take the walk as the narrator takes the user on a journey of discovery. All narrations are available in English. A few are also available in Hindi and Marathi. Our Sarnath walk in Varanasi is now available in 7 foreign languages : Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, and Russian. So download now! 


We intend to bring you walks from other places in India. We would also like to get your views and suggestions on our walks, our App and also the choice of our cities and routes. Do write to us at contact@hoponindia.com.

HopOn India is a brand of Desiwalks Tours Private Limited, a company incorporated in India and based out of Mumbai. The company is founded by media executives.

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