Madh Fort, Mumbai - Madh Island

Overlooking the Arabian Sea, the imposing Madh Fort is situated near Madh village, around a kilometre from the Madh bus stop. In the beginning of the 17th century, as the Portuguese started acquiring Salsette and Versova, they built the Madh fort, just like most of the forts in and around Mumbai that have been built by them. This small fort, also known as Versova Fort was built as a watchtower that provided a strategic view of the coastline to guard the Marve Creek. In 1739, however, the Portuguese lost the area to the Marathas, who strengthened the fort. But soon after, in 1774, the British forces defeated the Marathas and seized control over the fort. The fort is a long and narrow seven-sided polygonal structure with bastions at each corner and one large circular bastion in the middle. It consists of a large rectangular courtyard flanked by ramparts on all sides to the north, while beside the circular bastion to the south there are two other smaller areas. Although the façade of the fort is intact, it is quite battered from the inside. The Madh fort is normally closed and is not open to visitors. It is under control of the Indian Air Force, as it is located close to an Indian Air Force base and prior permission is needed to go in. If you did get permission to enter though, you would be entering the fort from the bastion at the southern-most point. They do let out the fort for use in films and television serials and a few Bollywood movies like Love Ke Liye Kuchh Bhi Karega, Shootout at Wadala, Mard, Zamana Deewana, Khalnayak, Shatranj, and Tarazu were shot here. Many episodes of the popular television shows Chandrakanta and CID have been shot at this location as well.


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