Aksa Beach, Mumbai - Aksa Village

Life just always seems better at the beach, isn’t it? For many people, the beach is their “happy place” and Aksa Beach is a popular “happy place” in Mumbai. The picturesque sunsets at Aksa Beach bring visitors flocking to these lovely sands. Known for its cleanliness, this peaceful beach has soft sand and a long coastline making it perfect for long romantic beach walks. Popular even in the Bollywood circle, the song “Tujhe Aksa Beach Ghuma Du” from the film God Tussi Great Ho was shot here. In fact, the ‘sagar kinara’ i.e. the seashore shot in the Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia starrer Saagar was shot at the Aksa Beach! If you are in need for some beach therapy, Aksa Beach can be reached by local buses and auto rickshaws from Malad station, which is about 9 km away. The beach is located in the Aksa village in Malad, a northern suburb of Mumbai. It has many cottages and hotels as well as a few snack stalls where one can quench one's thirst and hunger along the beach. A word of caution to all you beach-aholics though: the beauty of the beach is quite deceptive, as this shore is not meant for swimming. The currents are strong and the sand of the beach keeps shifting because of the waves. People often misjudge this danger and ignore warning signs of swimming prohibition that have been put here. Lifeguards have been appointed, however accidents are common due to the rapidly changing tides and merging of tide currents on the rocky beach, especially during the Monsoon season.


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