Sri Aurobindo Bhavan

The Sri Aurobindo Bhawan is a very recent addition to the Spiritual and Cultural life of Kolkata. It is located on Shakespeare Sarani which is not too far from Chowrinhee. It is an old building where Sri Aurobindo was born on 15th August 1872. He is a revolutionary Nationalist turned Guru who later went on to establish the famous Auroville ashram in Pondicherry. If you are looking for a small space of peace in the bustling city then this is the place to go. On 16th February 1973, the place was renovated and sacred relics of Sri Aurobindo were enshrined here. This memory shrine has turned into a place of pilgrimage for many who visit. A national committee was formed headed by the then Prime Minister, late Indira Gandhi, in the year 1972 which marked the birth centenary of Sri Aurobindo. As part of the programme for the celebration of the centenary, the government of Bengal established the Sri Aurobindo Samiti and the Sri Aurobindo Bhawan with the help of a special Act called the West Bengal Act XXXIV of 1972. The Governor of West Bengal is the Ex- officio Chairman of the Sri Aurobindo Samiti and the Chief Minister of West Bengal is an Ex- Officio member. The Membership of the Sri Aurobindo Samiti consists of the nominees from the Sri Aurobindo Trust in Pondicherry and the State Government. The Sri Aurobindo Bhavan has the primary object of disseminating the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother among the public in order to help them raise their mental and moral outlook and solve their spiritual and cultural problems under this teaching. The Bhawan has a General Library and Reading room with over 40,000 books and more than 100 periodicals in various subjects. Scholars of Aurobindonian studies have excellent reference section for research work and in depth studies. It is open from Monday to Saturday from 12.30 pm to 7 pm and the reading materials are available to public at a reasonable fee. They have one of the largest children’s library which is one of its kind in Kolkata. It has over 35,000 books in English, Bengali and Hindi. It has 1400 members and also has lending facilities and reading room. They have a children’s corner/ park in front of the library and also a multimedia corner for those children who attend the library. They also have various competitions held here annually. It is open from 2pm to 7pm Monday to Saturday. Lectures on Sri Aurobindos and Mothers work are held weekly, and those of related topics are held regularly. The Bhawan is open from 10.30 am to 12 noon and again from 3pm to 7pm.


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