Nicco Park

Nicco Park is known as the Disneyland of Kolkata. It is an amusement park that was mainly started to attract tourists to the state. It provides recreation to the family as well as some fun educational entertainment. The park spreads over 40 acres and has over 35 different attractions. It provides the concept of green environment and has catered to over 24 million customers so far. The planning of this amusement park began, during the planning of the celebration for the 300th anniversary of the recorded founding of Kolkata. The current chairman of Nicco Park, Rajive Kaul was on a trip to the US visiting Disneyland. Once back he was asked by the government officials why he was missing when he had to plan the celebrations. To this he said that he had gone to Disneyland to see if something similar could be constructed in Bengal. Thus began a discussion for the park between the state government and Rajive kaul. The idea was put into work and a joint sector company called Nicco Park and Resorts ltd was started. The joint venture was between National insulated Cable Corporation ltd (representing the private sector) and West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation ltd (WBTDC) on 17th March 1989. The company had to construct , own and maintain the park. Two years and Rs 8 crores later the park opened with 13 rides. The toy train from Jheelmeel Park was used to give visitors the tour of the entire park. The tran was greatly improved and revamped. Every ride has a board in front explaining the principles behind its working, it also has a solar village which shows how various non-conventional energy sources are helpful in daily life, the greenhouse in the vicinity is run by the Indo American Hybrid Seeds ltd that sells and keeps different varieties of plants. The above concepts are created in order to provide education and knowledge along with fun. Amongst their rides, the Giant Cyclone is 750 meters in length and has about seven drops that goes as high as 55 feet, and boasts to be Asia’s Largest and the most recent ride added to the park in 2003. They have 35 other rides apart from this. The Eastern Air Command in 2008 gifted the park a decommissioned MIG-21 fighter plane. They also have a large food park which sells different delicacies from all over. They have two shops to shop from called Wet-O-Wild and Sheroo Bazar. They also have a 4D movie theatre, a Bowling Alley, Restaurant and Bar, and venues to host corporate and non-corporate events all within the park. The park is open throughout the week from 10.30am to 7.30pm. The prices range from Rs200 to Rs600, they also have packages you can use to avail good group discounts.


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