Eden Garden Park

Eden Garden Park is located on BBD Bagh in Kolkata. It is a beautiful promenade which is present along the river and is perfect for a peaceful stroll. Usually the term Eden Garden makes everyone think about the internationally famous stadium in Kolkata “Eden Garden Stadium”. The reality in fact is that the stadium owes its name to the garden that lies right opposite to it. The park is spread over 50 acres of land and has a variety of plants and trees in it. It also has a fountain and a band stand inside. It is one of the oldest gardens in the city which is still very well maintained. George Eden, who is better known as Lord Auckland, was the first Earl of Auckland and served as the governor general of India from 1836 to 1842. He came to India along with his two sisters Emily and Fanny. Calcutta being the capital at that time, the sisters stayed with Lord Auckland at his residence there. Emily was an amateur artist and a curious learner who wanted to know more about the Indian Subcontinent. For this she met with many prominent individuals and also wrote about the same. She had a keen interest, liking and love for gardens, and it was during their stay that Lord Auckland started the initiative for forming the Eden Gardens. This led to the sisters being given the task of supervising the layout of the promenade for the city at the time. Captain Fitzgerald, the chief architect executed the project. One of the most famous attractions of the garden is the Burmese Pagoda (temple with multiple tired towers). It is situated on the north side of the park and is on an island which is surrounded by a water body. This structure was built in Prome, Burma in 1852 by the widow of the Governor of Prome. It took three months to complete and has an image of Buddha with a precious stone encrusted on the forehead. The structure had intricate and animated carvings on wood of mythical birds, haunches of wild ox, and other figures. In 1853, when the British took over Prome, Lord Auckland decided to take the Pagoda back to Calcutta as he was awe struck by the structure. It was dismantled and taken to Calcutta. It took a total of three months to be re-erected in the garden. The Garden is currently maintained by the Forest Department and is very well maintained. It is a peaceful place to sit at and spend some leisure time while enjoying some good street food that is sold outside.


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