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The origin of Varanasi’s famed Ram Bhandar sweet shop in Thatheri Bazaar can be traced back to the days of India’s freedom struggle. When the country witnessed a mass uprising against British rule during Quit India Movement in 1942, a section of people in Varanasi adopted a unique and non-violent 'sweet' mode to show their support for the struggle. Thus came into being sweets such as Tirangi Burfi, Subhash Bhog, Gandhi Gaurav, Ballabh Sandesh, Jawahar Laddo, Moti Paak and other such savouries which all aimed to stir people’s passion and public sentiment. Madan Gopal Gupta the founder of Shri Ram Bhandar first introduced these sweets in 1942 following Mahatma Gandhi's call of 'do or die'. A lot has changed since those days and a host of new items have been introduced in recent days. But even today it is an establishment that personifies Varanasi hospitality along with food. It remains the number one place in the city for fresh puris and kachori. A habitual hangout for the local residents and tourists alike this place comes alive from the early hours of the morning and continues to be full of customers all day. Service takes that extra minute but rarely ever does anybody complain as the current owners always ensures that everyone is served piping hot fresh food. For many perhaps the sight of such deep fried food may be unnerving but the captivating smell that permeates in the area changes most hearts and resolve. Just as fascinating are their jalebis that are renowned for being perfect in appearance as well as in taste. It has to be said that if it is to be a satisfying breakfast in Varanasi then it has to be the one at Ram Bhandar.


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