Bread Of Life Bakery

Quite a recent addition to the Varanasi food map, the Bread of Life Bakery was created and initially even run by an American individual. For the tourists hailing from the western world this was the one and only place where you could get authentic western cuisine in the city with the only other option being the Taj Hotel. Since its inception in the year 2000 the best years for the eatery was from 2000-2002. Thereafter it has been facing a gradual decline. A depleted menu card and increased service times largely brought about by an acute staff shortage has of late been disappointing many of even the most diehard fans. In spite of it all Varanasi city’s residents as well as visitors still have a soft corner for the club sandwiches or the Chicken Stroganoff’s that this popular eatery still offers. In a city overrun by small North Indian-cuisine eateries or Indian Chinese joints this still remains the best possible option for western cuisine. And yes, Bread of Life's desserts continue to be just as good too with the hot favourites being their brownie and baked cheesecakes. This bakery continues to be a succour to countless western palates – a fact proved by the many westerners who throng about here.


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