Maidagin Circle

Maidagin area of Varanasi happens to among the notable of areas in the city and it centers around a well-maintained garden that was built during the British days of 1867. The earlier water-body which existed here was known as Maidagin Tank which was replaced eventually by the Company Garden with a pond in the middle. The city Town Hall situated opposite to the garden was built in the year 1875. It is surrounded by a large open space that is used for public meetings and other functions. This is virtually the center of the city of Varanasi. Back in time as the population of the city increased many ponds such as Benia, Maidagin and Machhodari, and Godaulia Nala were drained and replaced by parks or streets. The main reason behind this move was to increase the width of congested and narrow roads as well as to create broad thoroughfares in the place of constricted lanes in the city.


Sarnath - A Quest Within - Buddham Sharnam Gacchami

3 km, 01 Hour 08 Minutes

18 places

सारनाथ - बुद्धम शरणम् गच्छामि

3 km, 01 Hour 18 Minutes

18 places

बनारस - घाट घाट के ठाठ

3 km, 01 Hour 20 Minutes

32 places

Banaras Ghats – Steps to Eternity

3 km, 01 Hour 16 Minutes

32 places

Banaras - Gully to Ganges

3 km, 01 Hour 20 Minutes

20 places


サルナート - クエスト内

3 km, 01 Hour 13 Minutes

18 places

Сарнат - Задание внутри

3 km, 01 Hour 07 Minutes

18 places

Sarnath - Eine innere Aufgabe

3 km, 01 Hour 03 Minutes

18 places

Sarnath - Une quête à l'intérieur

3 km, 01 Hour 02 Minutes

18 places

سارناث - السعي ضمن

3 km, 01 Hour 12 Minutes

18 places

Sarnath - Una búsqueda dentro

3 km, 01 Hour 06 Minutes

18 places

鹿野苑 - 探索之内

3 km, 01 Hour 09 Minutes

18 places


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