Deer Park

One of the most important pilgrimage sites for Buddhists all over the world is the Deer Park of Sarnath. Sarnath derives its name from Sarangnath or the Deer God. It is believed that the Deer Park at Sarnath is the place where Lord Buddha gave his first sermon or proclaimed Dharma and the original Sangha was created. The history of this holy site dates back to 528 BC and according to Huien Tsang, the famous Chinese monk and world traveller, the deer park was developed by the Jataka King of Benaras. It is a huge enclosure created for deer to roam around freely. The place is blessed with a large variety of birds as well. For all those seeking solitude and peace away from the hectic lifestyles of modern times - this is indeed a heavenly place. Nestled in the midst of tranquil surroundings with an equally pleasing and cool atmosphere and dotted with exquisite gardens and the relics of Buddhist monasteries and stupas, this deer park is most certainly one of the main attractions of Sarnath.


Sarnath - A Quest Within - Buddham Sharnam Gacchami

3 km, 01 Hour 08 Minutes

18 places

सारनाथ - बुद्धम शरणम् गच्छामि

3 km, 01 Hour 18 Minutes

18 places

बनारस - घाट घाट के ठाठ

3 km, 01 Hour 20 Minutes

32 places

Banaras Ghats – Steps to Eternity

3 km, 01 Hour 16 Minutes

32 places

Banaras - Gully to Ganges

3 km, 01 Hour 20 Minutes

20 places


サルナート - クエスト内

3 km, 01 Hour 13 Minutes

18 places

Сарнат - Задание внутри

3 km, 01 Hour 07 Minutes

18 places

Sarnath - Eine innere Aufgabe

3 km, 01 Hour 03 Minutes

18 places

Sarnath - Une quête à l'intérieur

3 km, 01 Hour 02 Minutes

18 places

سارناث - السعي ضمن

3 km, 01 Hour 12 Minutes

18 places

Sarnath - Una búsqueda dentro

3 km, 01 Hour 06 Minutes

18 places

鹿野苑 - 探索之内

3 km, 01 Hour 09 Minutes

18 places


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